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Ok, I said two parts, but I think I have a Part Three in mind, focused on a few things I wanted to touch on here, but could not. Specifically? Electoral Reform and issues therein. But, I really want to conclude this particular train of thought before heading back to that, so bear with me? I know this is a bit of policy wonkery for some, but this is also really important.

Allegations against other members of Congress have recently led to several resignations. Sen. Al Franken at midday Thursday announced his intention to resign after multiple women had come forward saying the Minnesota Democrat had touched them inappropriately, and dozens of his colleagues on Wednesday called for him to step aside.

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PH You will need to keep the ph of nutrient solution from 6. To 6.3 for your tomato crops. Use a pH meter or alternatively indicator paper for example the Merck color pHast Indicator Strips. Amazingly, though, Sole Runner is right next to him, having the race of his life. As they round the bend, Sole Runner edges ahead, running as if possessed. On Appeal drops back, and suddenly Sole Runner is true to his name..

Shortly after the attack, two SFPD officers questioned Lucas. He was covered in purple paint, holding a long stick that was also covered with paint. The officers report that Lucas calmly answered their questions, responding, “No, I don’t want to hurt myself” and “No, I don’t want to hurt anybody.” Keep in mind, this was just after the attack on Jill Rabinowitz.

Moreover, while the current government needs to be commended for its limited pesticide ban, it nonetheless needs to be extended to all sports fields including ball fields, soccer pitches and golf courses. These are all areas where our children (and ourselves) spend large amounts of time in various recreational activities. Alternatives such as Integrated or Sustainable Pest Management practices are readily available and in use elsewhere to control insects and weeds.

On Nov. 16, the province announced that one group of children those with a chronic medical condition but who are not immunocompromised could wait longer than the minimum 21 days for their second dose. Now that the campaign has been opened to all Nova Scotians, those children can receive their second dose when they reach the 21 day mark..

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