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BaldyBot is doing such a lousy job as CEO his yearly bonus was denied by shareholders/ Board as his performance / stock price was low. He sold a big bunch of his stock making the stock price less valuable. So MS is donating money NOW to the schools when they are opening a new store not paying big bonuses? IF it benefits MS FIRST then they are generous with donations BUT with a web of strings attached to dictate to the schools HOW they can use the money on MS monopoly terms..

1920: Babe Ruth had quite a 1919 season with the Boston Red Sox. Playing more than 100 games as an outfielder for the first time in his career, Ruth, who had previously been used mostly as a pitcher, broke the major league home run record with 29 and led the American League with 114 RBI and 103 runs. He also went 9 5 on the mound..

Enrich your October with a trip to the Fall Folklore Jamboree at the University of Tennessee AgResearch and Education Center at Milan, Tennessee. On Saturday, October 18, nearly 150 folk artists and musicians will gather to re create rural Tennessee from years gone by. Join the Jamboree to explore the history, culture, art and traditions of the area.

There is also the annual Coldwell Banker Canada Day Food Drive. However, warehouse space at the food bank 49 Avenue location is running low, Reynar says. Several local businesses and Doug Ruel who runs the Country Christmas Lights have offered storage space, but they need a more long term solution..

Permit Legal Land Description Project Address Use: Discretionary PL20160000722 Plan: 3083TR, Block: 3, Lot: 27 49 Winchester Ave To locate a secondary suite in the basement of the existing single detached dwelling If you object to the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board. 2000, c. M 26, including amendments thereto.

“At the same, with the global economy in a state of flux, everyone is looking at new and better ways to do things. And, in the case of some of the major companies where there is rationalization occurring, Nova Scotia could prove to be a good outlet for them a cost effective place to do business. And we have to, at the same time, as we are trying to help struggling companies, remain very, very diligent in pursuing opportunities that are out there.”.

Became skilled quickly and started to make necklace teethers for babies. From teardrops to hearts to houndstooth designs, George crafted these necklaces out of cherry, maple and walnut. Hardwoods that don splinter as they sooth a baby gums.. That way, when your defender relaxes for that split second, that’s when you cut through the 8 meter and call for the ball. While beating your defender is important, timing the cut is just as important. You also need to make sure your teammate with the ball is in a good position to feed so that she has the best opportunity to get it to you..

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