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Never has a president shown such a relaxed nature, such an absence of complexes.”A four page spread in the latest issue of French Elle on Ccilia Sarkozy (who once moonlighted as an in house model at Schiaparelli and Chanel) poses the question, “Something of Jackie?” The article ran side by side photos of the two first ladies, pointing out that Ccilia, like Jackie, “is adept at minimalism,” has “a prima donna style,” embraces sports “as a way of life” and “has always been casual.”Newsletter Sign UpContinue reading the main story”I knew Jackie, and Ccilia is much more casual,” the designer Sonia Rykiel told Elle. “But they both have the same natural beauty that comes from elsewhere and that allows them to wear whatever they want.”The conservative daily Figaro splashed an Internet poll on its front page last Friday under the headline, “The Sarkozy style seduces the French.” It reported that 91 percent of those questioned found their new president dynamic, 85 percent called him modern and 75 percent said he was easygoing. Only 29 percent thought he was too informal.But showing off one’s money is considered culturally vulgar in France; discretion is respected.

When asked whether mayors can enact changes more quickly, Mayor Kaysen says there’s a little difference as far as what can be enacted and the speed of which it can be enacted. Internal policies that do not require decisions from a legislative standpoint, like a city code or something of that nature, that can be done after review and research and implemented for internal purposes. But if there is going to be some kind of an enactment of a city code, a change to a resolution or something of that nature, that as I understand it is not going to change from a Mayor or administrator.

But having been to a Syracuse practice in September prior to the suspension of team activities, I saw the seeds of a good team. Austin Fusco has the makeup of a good leader. Nate Solomon has the persona of a burgeoning star, and Bradley Voigt and Stephen Rehfuss have the background of emerging stalwarts.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was captured late Friday after a massive manhunt. He was hospitalized with what the criminal complaint said were gunshot wounds to his head, neck, legs and hand. Officials said the attack would have targeted a rail line between New York and Toronto, although Canadian police said only that the plot involved a train route in the Toronto area..

Judge Harris says he enjoys volunteering because of the opportunity it provides to meet people from all walks of life. He particularly enjoys seeing athletes, young and old, challenging themselves. He is proud to have passed on his volunteerism to his kids, who also volunteer when not competing.

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