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RYAN MCGEENEY/Arkansas Democrat Gazette 11 05 2013 Michael Pulfer of Zurich, Switzerland, left, studies during an afternoon in early November as Holly Krepps, right, passes through the living room of the home she shares with her husband and a son at Circle Yoga Shala. The house is part of a small homestead between Jasper and Low Gap in Newton County, and includes a yoga studio and several small sleeping cabins. Krepps and her husband, Matt, who have both been teaching yoga for about 25 years, sold their home and successful yoga studio in Little Rock in 2009 to found the retreat, where, they primarily focus on teacher training in month long immersion settings.

The website and its leaders have strong ties throughout the Republican establishment. Goldfarb was deputy communications director on John McCain’s presidential campaign. Singer was backing Florida Sen. Faculty retention, dual career support, and mid career grants for recently tenured faculty will also be a focus of the overarching effort. “A commitment of this magnitude will expand the types of initiatives and programming essential to the evolving needs of our University,” Bollinger said. “Each of our schools is dedicated to using these resources for recruiting the most talented faculty, retaining our diverse community, and supporting critical research.”.

If people like what I do and they want to do the same then that”s great but I make just as many mistakes as anyone else. I wouldn’t be so arrogant to think that I’m a role model but it was really important to talk about all that stuff when I was doing it. But I feel like the world has changed a lot even since I’ve become a parent in the last seven years and things are much more commonplace now and much more acceptable.

Auburn resident Dr. Allen Hassan, 67, who has filed a separate $10 million lawsuit against the highway patrol over the Jan. 15, 2002 arrest contending his Arab ethnicity led to the officer using excessive force, will be sentenced Sept. The four victims were at a party and left to buy cigarettes when the car ran off the road and struck a tree in the rear. Hertman said the initial investigation shows the driver failed to maintain lanes of travel. Results of toxicology screening will take up to eight weeks to get back..

Stewart: We busy as business people, and sometimes when you have the opportunity to come to an event like this you think, you know, I really just don have time to take an hour of my day, I got too many other things to do. But this is where a lot of business happens. Here, or sitting in a restaurant, or sitting in a meeting room, and the biggest thing I think from an entrepreneur standpoint is to always be open to these opportunities.

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