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Cline continued as librarian and the library was moved downtown into part of the double house, which stood on the property opposite the post office which was moved away a couple of years ago. A number of years ago, Mrs. Cline left Grimsby to reside with her daughter, Mrs.

Nathan Deal praised the PSC decision.in clean, sustainable energy infrastructure is a worthwhile endeavour that will have a positive economic impact as well, Deal said in a statement shortly after Thursday vote.is important that we stay the course, he added.The Sierra Club, meanwhile, slammed the vote, calling the project a disaster. Ted Terry, director of the group Georgia chapter, said the project should have been halted.In a statement, Georgia Power chairman, president and CEO Paul Bowers said, the PSC that the Vogtle expansion is key to ensuring that our state has affordable and reliable energy today that will support economic growth now and for generations to come. Say the PSC vote means Georgia consumers will pay more for power, starting in 2021.Public Service Commission spokesman Bill Edge said Thursday he still ascertaining how much that will be.

You have to look very hard of someone in agreement with him,and several other Law Enforcement Veterans and First Responders also strongly disagree with his statements,saw numerous people calling for him to resign and calling him out for breaking his Oath as for you that do not know his Oath is to Defend and Protect the Constitution of the United States and the State of Tennessee, so for all of you that like to say when Police are “Just doing their Job” well he sure isn’t here by calling down the 2 Right in the Bill of Rights with the Misuse of the 1st with misleading information that AR 15 and AK 47 are the same as a full auto M 16 Machine Gun. Just the fact he would mislead the unknowing Public with Information, unapologetically at that should be enough to show where he Stands. Totally disappointed with Him and Sheriff Ray ..

101st Street South.Take the horror to heart and make your way to Scream Country Haunted Forest to take in the off beat, offkilter and perfectly on key musical that begs its audience to give it a hand when “Evil Dead: The Musical Oklahoma” makes its return to the Boomstick Theater.Presented by Last Chance Productions, the interactive production offers the audience to carry part of the gore with them afterwards as several varying splatter zone seats are available. The show begins this year’s run Friday and Saturday nights. Halloween weekend performances are also scheduled for Oct.

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